The velvety-smooth tang

Of strawberries and raspberries

Sliding luxuriously down my throat.

And the after-crunch of nuts and seeds

Not quite blended in.

All lovingly prepared by my husband.


Recipe for Power Breakfast

3 tsp golden linseeds

2 tsp sunflower seeds

1 tsp pumpkin seeds

1 tsp dried cranberries

1tsp dried goji berries

4 whole blanched almonds

A handful of chopped fruit.  We like: strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and melon (any kind)

Put the whole lot in a small jug.  Top with pure apple juice.  100% juice, not that concentrated crap… and leave overnight in the fridge to soften.

In the morning, take your hand blender and whizz it all up in the jug.

Then pour into a beaker and top up with more apple juice.  Shake before drinking.

Honestly, this is sooooo worth the effort to prepare and it gives a huge energy boost.  If you are one of those people who can’t stomach breakfast (like me and my husband), then this is perfect for you.

Oh yes, and this recipe is copyrighted to me.